Self with Izzy

As a child she was very fasinated with photos and fashion. She modeled as a teenager for about 4 years in N.Y.C. As a result of her modeling Tina's love for photography grew and in 2000 she decided to study photography.
After many years of learning different techniques she started TMD Photography. Her inspirations come from Vogue and W magazines as well as photographers like Annie Leiboritz and David LaChapelle.
Tina is highly skilled in fashion, children, portairt and wedding/engagement photography. She pays special attention to each and everyone of her clients, incorporationg her vast knowledge with the different concepts of the clients directions.

Photography is both a science and art beyond the skills necessary with the camera, and a long list of photographic equipment as well as  an understanding of how to use light both broad and sublime, great photographers need an artistic eye and the ability to be creative under pressure. Tina has developed these visual senses and skills. Shooting in a style more like a fashion photographer.

Tina's Photography has been on the cover of Skin Deep Magazine, Inked Magazine, several Tattoo magazines, Times Union Newspaper,Featured on Channel 13 and the CW News, as well as many fashion calenders, She has done work for MTV'S Riki Rachtman and several models on America's Next Top Model. Including Laura James (Cycle 19 Winner) Laura Lafrate (Cycle 18) Runner up.